Sunday, August 19

Summer Nights Update #1

I've just recently updated the online shop with some new paintings in a series that I am working on called, 'Summer Nights':
"Night Light" - Original watercolour painting, 9x12"
"Night Light" would have to be my favourite of this bunch. I just love fireflies so much! "Jar of Hearts" was so much fun to paint, with all those colourful glowing hearts and the star backdrop:
"Jar of Hearts" - Original Watercolour Painting, 9x12"
"Delicate" was created thinking more along a 'softer' line. The pastel pink cherry blossoms and white leaves give me a princess vibe from this piece, making it a perfect additional to a little girls room:
"Delicate" - Original watercolour Painting, 9x12"
"The Sleeping Tree" is a bit of a smaller piece. I thought it would be interesting to have different sizes in the series to give variety, and allow everyone to choose their own combinations and creative displays. All the little birds are resting for the evening...
"The Sleeping Tree" - Original watercolour, 6x8"
I have more paintings in progress in this series, but I just couldn't wait to share with everyone what I have completed to date. I am completely engrossed in this series with the deep, rich dark blue skies filled with little white stars. A perfect summer night.

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  1. Nice! I really like the stars on the dark blue background. My favourites are Night Light and The Sleeping Tree - I love the contrast of the bright green & yellow with the night sky. :)


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