Saturday, September 29

End of Month

Here we are coming to the end of a month, but the beginning of fall - which I'm sure will quickly change into Winter with the way the leaves are changing. But that's alright, I'm a snowboarder so I cannot wait for some snow!

This month definitely kept me on my toes, I completed a lot of commissions. Many of them are for Christmas celebrations, I definitely give those buyers thumbs up for being so ahead of schedule - it ensures that everyone is happy and everything arrives on time!

I've been packing up for the new house that James and I are renting. If you have been following along, you will have heard lots about it already. We have been able to start moving things over, but we 'officially' get to live in it October 1st. I have my current apartment until the end of October, so it will be nice to not be as rushed.
View from the new backyard - lots of nature goodness :D
I also go the first manicure, in my life, this past week. I got the shellac treatment applied to my nails. This is where they paint them, 'cure' them under UV light, and they are instantly dry after that - so no worries about mucking them up later. And they are super tough. I have had mine for a couple days now, and during that time I have packed, aggressively cleaned, worked on very messy artwork and still not even a chip! They are as bright and shiny as the day before. They say that they can last up to 3 weeks - as long as you don't mind the 'grow out' that happens. I love them so much, I might ask for an 'at home' light kit from the good ol' Santa Clause this year.

'Tutti Fruitie' shellac
And I will leave you with the song that has been consistently played on repeat since the beginning of this week when James introduced me to this new band: catchy. 

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  1. I so envy your new back yard! The leaves are just beginning to turn here in NE, too. I will be driving north to SD Sunday-Monday--it will look and feel more like Fall there.


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