Friday, September 7

Hello September!

September has some in with full force! Wow! Has it been busy, and it's only the first week! I worked the long weekend, into the week - with training (CPR and Code White). I work this weekend too, but I got a day off this week to just take a moment and chill. It was nice.

 When I'm not working at the hospital, I've been tackling some lovely comissions I have had come in. They are all turning out wonderfully and I cannot wait to share them all with you! I've also started another online course, Computed Tomography Part 2, which I have been working on steadily and trying to stay ahead. So, being said - sadly I have not been able to work in my art journal as much.

This month brings our anniversery - 6 years - and my birthday *grins*, as well as a wedding to attend. Lots of fun events to share and spend with friends and loved ones. It also brings packing...yes, that's right...I'm moving, again. Oh, the life of not owning a house... I'm moving from my tiny apartment - which cannot fit two people and all our belongings - espcially difficult when these two particular people have mounds of art supplies and sporting equipment...bikes, snowboards, hockey stuff, art easles and boxes of more.

We are moving into a house! I'm so excited for it! I haven't lived in a house in a long time, and it will be a real treat to not have walls between myself and my neighbours - not that either of us are noisy; it's just nicer this way. The back of the property is conservation area, so lots of trees and forest...which I'm sure will be a great inspiration! This also means lots fo critters for Oreo to look at through the windows.

It's a one bedroom + loft. Just a tiny house, but the perfect amount of space for just the two of us. The loft will be where I have my art stuff - or that's the plan. It will also have either a bed or fouton for company, but generally will be for my art use.

I think I'm most excited for what we can do within the house - we can have a Christmas tree! Carved pumpkins outside! Wreaths on the door! I am wanting to make a wreath that Alisa Burke shared in her blog. Lying out in the sun on the front lawn. Having people over (old apartment was simply too tight). Reading by the fireplace. No more coin laundry!!!

We 'get' the house October 1st. I have until October 31st to move out of my current apartment. So we have a month to get our stuff in there. I would like to be in there as soon as we can - for the obvious reasons stated above - but this at least provides us with a month of 'give' and we will not be so rushed. This is espcially important since we both work shift and have a very hard time coordinating with eachother.

Well, enough rambling about all that! I have a few things to share in upcoming posts:
  • My down-time at the cottage
  • Sketchbook pages
  • Update on the 2013 Sketchbook Project - both my personal one, and the joint one
  • Commissions I have been working on - progress and finished
  • Pastel paintings - I haven't done these for awhile, and worked on one the other day.
  • Maybe a recipie to bring fall in with
  • Music that I am loving right now
  • My hula hoop - yes it came in! Yes I am LOVING it!
Phew, sorry for all the reading! Lots of say when I haven't said much here in awhile!

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  1. Beautiful skyscape! And the house sounds WONDERFUL!! A great place to nest this winter--and beyond.


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