Saturday, September 8

Late Summer Meadow Pastel Process

I felt really inspired after staying at James' family cottage last week, and decided to paint in pastels the path that leads up to it from the beach. The photo below is the reference that I used. As you can tell, I took some artistic liberty in taking out some of the background imagery- espcially my car sitting there!

I started off with an underpainting. Trying to get values right and set the tone for the piece. Most times, this the 'ugly-phase', but I must say that I really liked it.

I didn't use an alcohol wash on this one, so I just kept layering the pastels. Below you see the trees mostly finished, I tweak them a bit at the end:

This is the time that I really step back. It's "done", but not really done. I go and do something else, and then come back to it. It looks good in my eye, but looking back at my previous steps, I realize I want to incorporate more of the cooler colours at the bottom of the piece. The colours are a bit off in this picture as it was very late at night when I look it.

Here's a shot of all the eye candy...pastels are always so pretty to look at! It may seem that I have a lot, but my collection is by far very modest compared to more established pastel artists. The pastel pencils were used mostly for outlining, thin bits and my signature in the end. It was mostly my mount visions and rembrants that I used for this piece, with the odd unison (although I love my unisons as equally, I just didn't have the right colours for this particular piece).

 Below are the specific pastels that I used for this piece. You can see that they're quite 'dirty' with colours of the other pieces, I'll have to clean them before putting them back into the boxes. Almost 40 different colours for one painting!

 And...the final piece:

"Late Summer Meadow" - Pastel, 9x12"

I do feel that I am improving with the pastels. Comparing this piece to my other 'path' piece, this one seems more finished and cohesive. I very much enjoyed being able to use one of my vibrant, almost neon-orange pastels that have been sitting untouched since I purchased the set (290, I think), along with many of the colours from the Mount Vision 'Tropical' Set - perfect for the warm summer colours.

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