Friday, September 28

Monoprinting Goodness

No. II Monoprint detail
Those who know me, know well that I have a sort of artist attention disorder...I always want to try everything, and wanting and acting on these impulses are two completely different monsters. I stumble across Gelli Arts Printing plates while browsing through my favourite online art store, Currys.

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Here is my quick workspace set up...I literally ripped it out of the box and ran for my paints to get going...

A monoprint is essentially an original print that cannot be reproduced. I could arrange and align everything the same, and with the spontaneous nature of the paint, I would still have a different print. I still have lots to learn about the process and I can't wait to see what I can create as I get better! It's amazing how you can achieve so much detail, and so much ambiguity all at once. ... and the results:

No. I Original Acrylic Monoprint Painting

No. II Original Acrylic Monoprint Painting
Each has 4-6 layers of acrylic paint, creating a lot of depth and lightness within the piece. I cannnot wait to make more, it was just so much fun! Both of these are available in the online shop! Happy creating!

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