Thursday, September 20

My Creative Space: Autumn Wreath

I went for a bit of a 'nature walk' through the Bruce Trails the other day, and collected a nice handful of pretty coloured leaves. I had been inspired by Alisa Burke's Autumn Wreath, that I knew I wanted to make one for myself:

I included a larger variety of leaves in mine. They're just starting to slowly fall now, so finding really nice ones already on the ground took some time. 

In addition to the gold 'puffy' fabric paint, I also sprayed all the leaves with a clear acrylic spray, and gave them a dusting of gold glitter. 

What makes this wreath especially festive for the autumn season, is just like the trees outside, it changed for the next couple days. Here is it four days later, with the leaves all curved up and finally dried through:

It hasn't changed much after this initial 'curling', and I think it brings the perfect finishing touch to the piece.

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  1. Great wreath, I usually make an Autumn wreath but i press my leaves first and then blu tack them to a cardboard oval.
    It's lovely to bring some of the outdoors inside and be reminded of the beauty of nature.....

    CLaire :}


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