Monday, September 17

Sketchbook Collaboration Update

It's time for another update from the collaborative Sketchbook Project that I'm working on with Amanda, from I did do some more pages / added some more after these quick pictures were taken, but I can share those next time.

First up, I began my "name / intro" page. I decided to include the furry beast, Mr. O in it as well (Oreo, as more commonly known):

Materials: sharpie

This next page is a spread where I've started the left side, and Amanda will complete the right based on what I've done. 

Materials: Acrylic paint, sharpie, collaged papers

What I love, is this page opens to this crazy spread below:

Materials: Sharpie
This spread, "Blossom" will have to be my favourite of this round.  It has ridiculous texture to it.

Materials: Gesso, acrylic paint, stencils, gel medium, crackle paste,
 iridescent medium,  PanPastels,  sticker letters

It is the companion page to the 'Grow' page that Amanda started:

This is another page that I did (on the right), where Amanda started the spread on the left:

Materials: Gesso, Acrylic, collaged magazine words, sharpie
Another set of pages that I'm starting. I need to be sure that all my "starts" are getting done - I am the last to have the sketchbook before it gets sent off to Arthouse Coop, so this will give Amanda plenty of opportunity to add her contributions.

Materials: Ink, Watercolour
Here's my start to a double page collaboration spread. Amanda will finish this off with whatever her creative mind wishes :)

Materials, so far: Gesso, paper-hole-reinforcers, letter stickers, PanPastel
As mentioned earlier, not all these photos were the most up-to-date, but that's okay. You'll get better pictures next time, and eventually I do believe I'm scanning the book for both of us to have very nice high-resolution images of all the completed artwork.


  1. Such an awesome book! I can't wait to get working on it - today! The blossoms page is my fave - that last textured page is fabulous! :D

  2. Love the sketches! A collaboration is a neat idea.


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