Friday, October 26

A Walk Through My Backyard...

Since yesterday was such a beauty of a day, especially the morning, after my walk to the post office I wandered with my camera through my "back yard." It is all bush, and it backs / seamlessly turn into the West Rocks Conservation Area, which is pretty neat: I don't have to travel any further than my patio door to visit some beautiful conservation land! There some hammocks back there, and a fire pit.

Since this is a 'rocky and hilly' area, the conservation area gets pretty steep right away. Here are some steps to lead up to the first little bit of it from my yard. They already melting back into the earth. There was another little set of steps, but you would never be able to tell from a picture. 

Already rocky right from the start. There was so much smushy and soft moss from all that non-stop rain the other week. So very green and beautiful, despite turning into late fall.

 In this conservation area is part of the Bruce Trail, and I have a friend who actually does rock climbing on some cliffs further into the area. I didn't walk far enough into it to see the cliffs and lookouts, that will have to wait for another day! What I love about the hiking trails around here, is that yes - there are some 'groomed' trails (packed down dirt, heavily managed / monitored)...and then there are real hiking tails - climbing over / around rocks, over roots and trees...trying not to fall down crevices...those ones are just so much more fun.

The moss is growing on everything - trees, rocks, random unrecognisable items. And, it is lush! Look at that picture above, it's not a slight covering of's taking over the forest hehe.

It was great walking through there, I wish I could have spent some more time, but there is just so much to still do and my 'list' is endless. I cannot wait to venture further in. The trick: to come out of it in your backyard and not your neighbours hehe.

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  1. Amazing photos! I especially love the leaf closeups.


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