Tuesday, October 16

Art Journal: Be Lots

After that plaster art journal layout I had completed, I wanted a 'quick' spread - something created fresh and quickly....and I came up with this.

I didn't apply Gesso first this time, as I wanted the ink to absorb into the paper. Then I went...em, stamp crazy...with a postage mark stamp to create a background with 

I had picked up a book of 'sticker stamps' and found two that I really liked: "Happy" and "Smile" and then painted in some text in my handy-handwriting script with a bright red paint. Red, black and white is such a classic colour combination that always provides a "pop!" outcome.

I added touchs of the red to other spots throughout the spread, just lightly in some, and dotted some edges. It is slightly transparent, so I'm able to see the stamping underneath.

The lastly, I went around the red lettering and the stamps with a thin black permanent marker...not sure which one I choose, but someting thin..

What I love most about how this all came together, and that the red lettering "Be Lots" can stand apart on it's own, and then you have "happy and smile" as like an echo of happiness!

Materials: Postage stamp, black ink, stickers, Golden acrylic: cadium red, black marker.

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