Monday, October 8

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I just wanted to wish all my fellow Canadian friends a very happy Thanksgiving! This year has been an amazing year and I have been truly thankful for that, and for more recently finally moving into a home.

One of the 'Charlie's Angels' in my fishtank. Very hard to get
a decent picture of these active, darting fish

What I am also thankful for, but never quite like, is getting my flu shot this week as well. Since I work at a hospital, they come around and (hunt) find us. My arm was pretty sore and 'tired' feeling for a couple days. I know there's controversy around this shot, but I work with a lot of sick people, and at least it will protect me a little bit. I haven't gotten the flu in years, so it isn't hurting me! And yes, I've heard all the pro-arguements and all the arguement is always this: if there is a flu outbreak at a hospital, typically I can only work if I have the shot. Those who do not have it cannot work, and do not get paid. Makes it easy to decide!

Some things to look forward to this month:
  • An amazing giveaway...stay tuned for that, you don't want to miss it!
  • My halloween 'costume' - homemade again this year, of course
  • Pumpkin carvings!
  • My new studio
  • New artworks...and some new art supplies
  • Sketchbook updates
  • Maybe a book review - I have an exam coming up for an online course, so I might be reading my textbook more than my book this month.
October already feels like it's flying by, so I hope I get to enjoy it a little bit before it's gone! :)

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