Sunday, October 28

Home Is Sweetest...Folk Art Mixed Media

"Home Is Sweetest" Original Mixed Media Folk Art on Canvas
 I've been playing with some new styles, just sort of "letting loose" lately and "playing" with my artwork. It has been refreshing - with all the craziness of life happening.

What developed was this painting "Home Is Sweetest". The entire quote reads, "Home is where the sweetest Roses grow". This piece took about a month, and there was zero idea of which direction it was going to take when I started it. 

Once the house, and the flowers were on there, I knew what the quote would be but again, it took awhile to think of a way to apply it that I wanted most. Some parts of this piece were working on successively - over a couple hours, and other parts where a "5 minute add-on" that I thought of randomly walking by it. Either way, I think that it came together quite cohesively - considering how it was worked on. 

Materials: collaged papers, acrylic paints, stamps / ink, tissue papers, washi tape, rub-ons, text-stickers, puffy paint, gel medium / collage medium, UV protective coat. 

It made me happy working on this piece, and I think that happiness emits from it with all the bright colours. I can't wait to create more like this. :)


  1. Love the bunting and your use of stamps! Lovely little piece.

  2. I love how bright and cheery this is. My favorite is the top section (like the second photo shown). I love all those colors together. For having "zero idea of which direction" for this piece, I think it ended up exactly where it needed to be. It's awesome!


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