Tuesday, October 23

Painting Progress

Setting up the new house has been busy, but I have made time to work on my watercolour commissions, and this mixed-media collage piece. Here are some details:

We have been busy organizing / putting up shelves / organization units, ect... and some stuff still needs to be moved in so I don't want to post pictures just yet as it's simply a big plain mess!

I must say I am thankful that we don't have to bring our stuff up a couple flights anymore - our front door is just steps from our drive way: so groceries are inside in 5 minutes, opposed to the many more minutes that a couple trips up and down took. I have so many more birds on my bird feeder...but also squirrels. That's okay...it's all for Oreo to watch anyways. We have a big black and white stray Tom cat that hangs around the neighbourhood...Oreo and this Tom have gotten into some 'between the window glass'-fights.

Well, must run and organize some more! Much love! Oh! and the winner and last week's giveaway is announced below in the post :) Congratulations to the winner, please email your information back!

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