Tuesday, October 30

Pumpkin Carving Goodness!

Jame and I finally carved our pumpkins last night (the giant ones that I brought from back home). It was quite the job - we probably spent a good 3-4 hours working on our masterpieces. Mine is the top one, and below is James'. James definitely has some mad pumpkin carving skills! 

His is to be the head of our headless 'dude'...he's old torn barn coveralls stuffed with straw...so sort of scare crow, sort of not. But his head will be on his lap - scaaarrry!

This third one (above) was a joint effort. This pumpkin was starting to look a little worse for wear, starting to get soft and well - just plan rotten. I think some slugs got into it. Because of that, we didn't want to do anything complicated, but knew we should carve it still! So we did old fashion, old-school and said it was Oreo's pumpkin. This pumpkin was huge...so you can see...my 'monster' cat doesn't look so large compared to it: it was that big! :)

And, lastly we had to get a picture with our pumpkins...this is not an easy task when a) you have to take it yourself, b) you're taking it with your cell phone, c) you have nothing to set it on to use the timer (because your house is still not fully unpacked), and d) you have to not only fit your two faces, but also two huge pumpkin faces. I think we did not so bad :) 

One tip we discovered: if you draw your design on with a watercolour pencil (and it will draw on good once damp), it comes off easy-peasy so you're not left with 'markings' on your carving :)

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