Wednesday, October 24

Starting to Get Spooky!

I've been slowly making the new house a little "spooky"...Halloween is less than a week away! 

I picked up a bunch of decorations last year right after Halloween at crazy discounts - and was so excited to put up those skeleton head lights! I added some orange lights too...honestly, just no where else to put them. Some lights, gelli-stickies and cobwebs = scary front door :)

My little house plant got 'spooked' out too...that will all get moved to the table on the night that we hand out treats, but for now it's out of our way when eating and such. 

My 'spooky' maple out front. You know those trees that just look spooky - this is one of them! All those wild branches and such. I will be hanging a ghost from it as well I think...just need the boy to help as he's got more height than myself.

And these are the huge pumpkins that I brought back from my parents (we went to the 'pumpkin patch' - leisure farms). They will get all carved up closer to the actual evening, I am eager for all the pumpkin seeds inside as well! I have special plans for the middle one. Special spooky plans, of course...I'm just waiting until it's closer, again: I don't want it to rain storm and ruin it. 

I'm not sure how many kids we will get trick-or-treating this year in our new place, but we are inbetween a high school and an elementary school, so it is a "kid-rich" area. To prepare, we got plenty of candy. And I'm decorating enough to 'attract' them. So either a) we will get loads of trick-or-treaters, or b) we will get few, and our dentist will get our pennies this year.

To leave you, I found this super cute, and super 'vintage' halloween short online, enjoy :)

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