Friday, November 9

Dabbling in my sketchbook some more. This is a bit more of a 'completed' piece - my sketchbook doesn't see these sorts of things too often. But then again, maybe it should?... We are going to an 80's themed party, so I had been looking up "80's fashion" all week, and came across some really funky fashions and make-up. It all just looked so much fun in the 80's! The song played in my head all day, and I thouht: so why not paint a girl? ... and it is practice for the Fabulous Faces course I'm taking. 

Some detail shots below. For her dress I wanted to go Klimt-style - it just seemed right with her raven black hair and funky eye make-up. So, I used a very beautiful yellow acrylic ink, and then layered a wash of purple watercolour over it. There was just the right level of resist between the two, giving it a lovely effect.

I started the face off with acrylic inks and inktense pencils, and then finished it off with some bright touches with Prismacolor Coloured Pencils.

I love making the cheeks on these faces so rosey - makes them seem so full of life!

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