Wednesday, November 28

....It's Been a Week!

It has been a week, and the week isn't even over yet! Lots of things have been happening to keep me on my tip-toes:

My printer died. It was a slow death, and wasn't resolving so I thought I would throw the towel in and call on the extended warranty that I had purchased. The printer wasn't properly feeding paper, and when I'm printing a wedding order of 120 invites...feeding them in one by one because the printer could not figure it out was not an option I was up to taking. So, as I type, I am setting up a new printer and then will go right away to continue printing out orders.

There was been car issues, it's being quite temperamental and must go to the garage tomorrow (by tow if it does not start). I have CAA so I'm not too concerned about the tow, as I have it covered - thought ahead there! It's due to a check up anyways. As well, for being an older car (8-9 years old I do believe), I have never had really big problems with it where it has left me stranded by any means, so I have been lucky on all accounts, especially with the amount that I drive it between my job sites, and when I'm on call after hours. And, I am 'stranded' with it in my least I'm not on the side of the road :)

 I also started Computed Tomography training at a new hospital site, and that will last all this month, and possibly into January depending how things go. Tuesday was my first day, and there is so much to learn, but it is also just so cool what you can see on these scans. It's a very, very fast paced environment, sometimes dealing with critical patients - not that I haven't been dealing with critical patients in regular x-ray, it's just a different 'strain' of critical. I have been taking courses for this for a little while, so I'm at least accustomed to looking at the images and resolving typical things. But with training, it is full time hours this month. And with Christmas in the online store, that has  me busy than ever (which I am totally thankful for of course! I love, love painting!).

So if you do not see much of me online in this blog the next couple weeks, or if my posts are just pictures - it is because I am a very busy bunny running around :) I will try my utmost to at least share pictures of the ongoings, as there is going to be so much creative goodness happening this month in my life personally!

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