Monday, November 5

Mixed Media: Love Is Like Blossoms

Those who have been following the last couple days will know that I've been working with the materials provided in the Monthly Mixed Media Kits from Scarlet Lime. I finished my piece this weekend, but it was late that the lighting wasn't the greatest, so I knew I wanted to wait for the morning to take some nicer pictures.

The 'sweedish berry' looking gems on my canvas were little clear beads that I split into two, and painted red. I painted some yellow and blue as well and used them in the trees. I found that I really liked the combination of the sky blue and the red.

The 'kraft flowers' worked perfectly for the trees!

I used some of the Kraft Doilies after to stamp in some texture on them with a titanium white-yellow, and lighten them up.

I simply adored the teeny text stickers, they were so perfect for this project and had a great vintage feel to them. I might just have to shop around and build up a nice collection of various sheets. The best part about them, is that they have so many letters. You know you're going to be able to 'write' out almost any phrase and not have to worry about running out of a letter.

I used the washi tape that was included to decorate the sides - this is a huge thing for me, as I usually prefer to paint them black becuase it gives such a clean look and allows the painting to stand out that much more. But, the tape was the perfect width to go around, and the whole point of this kit was to 'try new things'. I 'toned' it down a splash of that beautiful blue acrylic ink. It's lovely, because it's transparent enough to show the washi tape, but if I let it dry and put some more, then I can 'block out' areas as well. 

I put drops of ink, circles of paint and rub-ons all over the place. I hadn't been able to use this particular shade of green often, and it was perfect for this colour scheme - a vintage-like green.

I also used buttons, and a little bit of glass beads medium

Look at all that lovely texture!! Makes me so, so happy!

I doodled a bit with a small sharpe as well

I found this beautiful quote online, seemed very appropriate and filled the space perfectly!

I will be posting this in my Etsy shop later this week, so keep an eye out! The only thing I didn't use from the kit was a small paper banner. I suppose I could have used it in the trees, but there was already just so much going on!
Curry's (in Canada, great art store!) had a canvas sale a couple weekends ago, and I purchased tons of different sizes. The 6x12" canvas size worked nicely, but it was also a lot smaller than I'm used to working on with acrylics, so it filled up fast!
Extra materials used: modge podge, gel medium, acrylic inks, acrylic paint, additional rub-ons, thin sharpie, glass beads medium, inktense pencils, buttons, Protective UV top coat

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