Friday, November 2

Mixed Media Process

Laying down the initial layers on a 6x12" canvas.
I adored that vintage-floral paper, and the grey / white
stripped paper.
I just signed up this past month for the Mixed Media Kits, offered by Christy Tomlinson in her online store: Scarlet Lime. They are subscription based, you can see what November has to offer already. I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to 'challenge' myself, and use items that I would not normally purchase. It would also build up my of mixed media 'snippets' to use.

Adding some bits of texture by using the brown 'dollies'
as a stencil mask, and added the trunk of my tree. Splashes
of yellow acrylic ink.
  I thought about filming my 'process' like Christy does, but the reality is my creative process on these pieces are a lot slower. Partially because I don't have a heat gun to speed up drying, and also because this creative thought process is newer to me, so I have to think a little more before 'leaping'. But my main goal is to use all, or most of the supplies provided. I tend to work on it and complete a portion or layer, and then walk away for a little while - sometimes a couple days. Then come back to it with a fresh idea for the 'next steps'.

The kit included a 6x6" paper pad and extra paper 'pages', rub-ons, brown paper dollies, clear plastic 'beads' (which I found out later through Christy's video could be taken apart), washi tape, kraft flower pieces and tiny text stickers (which I adore!- I would love, love if we got teeny text stickers every couple months!). When I saw the round kraft flower pieces, of course I thought "flowers!"...the label on them forces that thought - and Christy did make a gorgeous piece with flowers on her YouTube video. But, then I played around with them - thought maybe some cute clouds could come out of them, and then imagined that they would be perfect to make a tree - just like my watercolour polka-dot trees! Just with a little...well, a lot more texture!

It's still in the process. I will share more pictures this weekend of my finished piece. It's just finishing touches now, and polishing it up a bit. I already excited for the November kit to arrive, after seeing all the goodness that will be in the package...mine came around the I have to wait quiet awhile...*sigh*

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