Wednesday, November 7

My Creative Space

As mentioned in previous blog posts, I have been super busy with commissions :)

I offer "Family Trees" and "Family Forest" custom options, but sometimes someone just wanted a completely custom painting and I am always happy to work with them to create beautiful art.

 I love creating Family Forests, some get quite large and take a bit of planning:

If you would like a custom painting, you can contact me through my online Etsy store,

See more creative spaces, here.


  1. Hello Angie,
    The trees are lovely, your paintings must look cheerful and pretty on the wall!

  2. hi angie,
    your trees are sooo cute and nice - i love these colorful pictures! very well done...
    greetings gudrun

  3. Your trees are beautiful :) I especially love the one with the balloon in it xx


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