Tuesday, November 13

Painting Progress

Yesterday was a wonderfully rainy, gloomy day. So I spent all of it curled up with a coffee, or tea, painting away. I got a lot of commission paintings complete (will share later this week), and some personal paintings done.

This is the beginnings of a mixed media piece that I'm doing for one of James' nieces for Christmas. I'm not 100% sure of the direction. For this one, the little girl's favourite colours were blue and green, so I thought a nice yellow would be a perfect backdrop. This is very early stages. So far I have just applied pieces of patterned paper, and added some translucent colour over it. Still trying to think out the subject matter. This little girl loves hockey and is a little more tom-boyish. Although, she still has her girly moments - so I have to find a nice balance between the two.

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