Sunday, November 25

Woodland Girls Painting Progress

The Woodland Girls paintings are coming along. After getting everything sketched out the other evening, I was able to start piecing things together. There are still a few 'kinks' or ideas that I am yet to think of, and some elements which will be added, but have to wait for later.

I cut out some pretty paper for the dress and for her hair, and then used a skin-toned ink for the intial wash for the skin. A great thing about the ink, since there is gel medium under, if I make a mistake I can 'scrub' it off. I used the new irridescent Golden paint colour, in Fine Gold, for the crown, and it really makes it pop - almost looks as though I used gold-leaf in person.
 I got some nice texture in the tree bark using some of my new Princeton Catalyst wedges and blades. I must say I simply adore these products! I bought one as a 'tester' to see if I could really apply it in my work, and I have been working on a painting, and so far have only used that wedge. They are just so cool and so utterly useful! I went back online and bought a bunch more wedges, and a couple blades. I admit I like the wedges more because I'm more 'one with' my art then, you really get in there, and really get dirty.
That 'wierd' white stuff at the top of this piece below (and on the trunk of the tree in the other painting) is just glass beads in gel medium drying. Once dry, it will go clear and there will be a very cool texture.

This second painting has a very 'sunset / sunrise' colour scheme going with it, and I think I'm going to work with it. A lot of complementary colours though, I so have to be very careful that I don't make 'mud'.
After I had a cuddle session with Oreo...thats my foot on the left in pink hehe, and yes my pants are green - I'm still in my scrub pants from work. I wanted to change / shower after I was all dirty from painting.

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