Wednesday, November 14

Woodland I Mixed Media Progress

I made some more progress on my mixed media piece last night after a long and crazy day at work, and after working on some commissions. I have some direction now, the two paintings / gifts for the girls are going to be Woodland-themed paintings.

From where I left you last, I stenciled some acrylic paint on, added some washi tape, drew some outlines / guides with a thin sharpie and added multiple transparent and opaque layers of acrylic paints and acrylic inks. I'm really trying to keep some of the original patterned paper peeking though. It was so pretty and would be a complete shame to cover up - and then what would have been the point of putting it there? You can see more of the background in person than is showing in this midnight phone picture (thus, very poor quality).

I'm almost done the background on this one, then I will add some characters - the hardest part. The other one I just collaged some papers down. I have quotes set aside for both, but I'm not 100% sure if I will be including them.


  1. This is looking gorgeous so far! Lucky little girl :)

  2. So interesting to see your work in progress take shape.


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