Friday, December 21

Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone has a warm and safe holiday season! Be merry and spread the love around, now is a time for family and friends.

We were unfortunate to loose James' grandfather this past week, but he put up quite the battle and now he will be at peace. He was a great man, and I know he had touched James life beyond measure growing up so close together. He will be missed and he was truly loved by all his family, but he will be remembered.  It's been a sad time for us, but a time for everyone to appreciate the family and friends we have around to support us.

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  1. Hi there, I have a small question to ask and hopefully this is an ok place to do it! I have seen the gorgeous watercolour of two hedgehogs under a pink tree [I discovered it on Tumblr] and was wondering if you minded if I used it as a basis for a cross stitch project? It will be for my own personal use [to hang in my bathroom, actually!] and I can of course send you pictures and credit you appropriately. I am imagining it will be about the size of two hands.

    Thanks for reading this rather rambly comment, and apologies for contacting you in such a way; I wasn't sure how else to do it!

    Many thanks,

    United Kingdom


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