Friday, December 7

Oh! Christmas Tree Goodness!

James and I finally got around to setting up our Christmas Tree and decorating the house last Sunday (house decoration photos to come in a future post!). We both had the day and evening off so we go right to work and I must say that this has got to be one of the most beautiful trees I've seen :D... it is also our first Christmas together...eeee! We have a lot of generic ornaments, since when you start putting up a tree you have to gather lots to fill it up, but we also have some special and more detailed ornaments. My hope it, as the years pass we will slowly take out the "filler" ornaments, and have a tree full of special memories :)

This angel is new for this year. The story behind it was we decided to get a new tree topper this year, for our first Christmas living together. James is a star guy, and I'm an angel girl. So we decided that we would pick out a most-awesome tree-topper star, and then I would pick out a lovely angel ornament. I think it was a pretty fair trade :) We don't have a close up of the star, but we went with a retro light up tinsel one that we saw in the store, it both reminded us of stars we've had on trees as children.

This is a snowman ornament from the Nightmare Before Christmas movie. I love that movie... He is just so sparkly, which is partially why I think James got him for me for my Christmas gift last year. He never got hung up last year, as I had a tiny flimsy tree and he's a little heavy. He would have totally weighed down and made the tree fall. So he makes his debut this year instead :D

This nutcracker is James'. We saw it when getting our angel, and I think he has an affinity for these guys. He is gorgous and all sparkly.

This is our newest Rudolph ornament (if you have read previous years, you would have seen we already own tons of ornaments from the old school movie Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer). We both love, love, love this movie. It has got to be our favourite classic, and so whenever we find characters, we just have to have them. This guy was a 'after-Christmas sale' purchase. He has a little snowflake that if you pull on it, his legs move :) I think our count of characters from this film are most definitly nearing 15 or more...

This is my Medical Radiation Technologist (aka X-ray tech) ornament from my good friend Anita. I was gifted it last year and love it. It's completely unique, and have been asked by many, many people how to get one. All I know is that she found it on Etsy, so I just tell them to search there :)

This guy isn't fancy but most definitly cute. We found him in our Christmas boxes, and we are not quite sure how he got there. Neither of us remember purchasing him, and he wasn't on either of our trees last year. I thinking a roomate of James must have thrown him in, but he was a surprise, and a cute one at that!

Annnddd...I'm so happy to say I was able to set up my camera on the counter and get a group picture of all of us...even the cat, although Oreo is a little camera shy and trying to get away right now.

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  1. Beautiful! Love the special ornaments and your happily ever after photo.


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