Saturday, December 15

"Rawr" Means Merry Christmas in Dinosaur

We put our Christmas lights up at the beginning of the month, but had an issue with our main attraction, Randy the Christmas Rex. We originally purchased the demo in the store, as that was the only one available but only noticed at home that only half of him lit up. So we promtly returned him and got one from the city when James was down that way for work. Actually, he told me that they had none either, and then I woke up and there was a Dinosaur on our lawn. "Gotta keep you guessing" he says. :)

Randy (named by us, not his "store name"), is quite awesome. He moves. He lights up. He has a Santa hat and a present. And, he's a Dinosaur. What part of any of that is not awesome? Easy, all of it is awesome!

He looks awesome in the day light too. I noticed cars driving by our house slowly the other night, and neither neighbours beside us have lights - so surely it was Randy :D

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  1. Randy would cause me to slow down driving by! Whta a cute decoration!


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