Tuesday, July 31

Sketchbook Collaboration Update

This year, along with my regular contribution to the sketchbook project, I am also submitting a collaborative sketchbook that I'm working on with a good friend, Amanda from Ulixis. For this collaboration, we are taking turns starting pages, and collaborative spreads. I started some and finished some before sending it back to Amanda:

My start of a collaborative spread.
Materials used: glass bead gel, acrylic paint, glazing medium

Left: Amanda(completed first)
Right: my page based on inspiration from Amanda's
Materials used: peeled paint chips from my palette, gel medium, acrylic paint,
 white ink, mica flakes, washi tape
This is how the below spread was started by Amanda, and then I finished it...
Image from Ulixis.com
Materials used: acrylic paint, Vaseline, purple foil, black marker, string gel, ground for pastel, PanPastels,
washie tape, old book pages, finished with golden acrylic varnish coat.

My start to a collaboration page that Amanda will finish.
Materials: Masking tape, PanPastels and Acrylic spray - to set the pastels

My side of a two-page spread. This one isn't done yet...I was still thinking of
how to carry out the rest of it. Amanda gets the right page.
Materials used, so far: Acrylic paint, white ink, PanPastel, burnt watercolour paper (yes, I lit it on fire),
affixed key and lock items, watercolour, decorative paper, gel medium
I think this was the most mixed media that I've done in a long time, and it was so much fun to work on!

It just arrived in Amanda's mail box today, so it won't be back to me for a couple weeks. I'm excited to see what she does with the pages I started, and what pages she gives for me to finish!

Wednesday, July 18

Fish WIP Pastel..and some randomness

As you can see....I haven't gotten too much further with my Betta pastel. I got a little stumped on the end tail since there is some curvy bits so I'm taking it slow so that I get it right. I've also been working on a couple commission paintings on the side - getting sketches and colour swatches ready for my clients.

Exciting news: I got featured on the blog Marketing Creativity, you can see my interview by Lisa, here. She has a very beautiful blog with lots of great articles that are perfect for all those creative hearts out there!

Oreo, I must say, is not as busy as I have been...he's just lounging around as he always does - the life of a cat hehe.

And one last random thought: 

This song has been in my head all week!

Friday, July 13

Pink Sky Pastel Landscape

"Pink Sky" - ACEO Pastel (2.5x3.5"), Available.

I created this little beauty last night right before bed. I got a jolt of inspiration from seeing my lovely pastels all over my desk, and went to work. It was created with my Mount Vision pastels, with some of the pastel pencils for the smaller details. Done on 240lb watercolour paper treated with Colourfix (Pre-made paper by Colourfix). It's currently available for sale in my online shop.

Custom Painting Sale!

Until July 20th, my Custom Family Forest Watercolour paintings will be on sale! You can check them out in my online shop. They come in both a small (9x12") and large (12x16") size. Prices have already been reduced.

These are great gifts for weddings, anniversaries, new babies, housewarmings and birthdays. Or, to treat yourself and bring some colour to your walls.

Thursday, July 12

Fish WIP Pastel

I finished the top fin on this piece last night. It was probably the easiest part...now all the rest will really be a challenge ...

Wednesday, July 11

Fish WIP Pastel

A small 4x6" pastel painting of my new fish that I started yesterday. I started with an alcohol pastel wash with remembrant pastels, and I am now doing the majority of the fish in CarbOthello pastel pencils. Hoping to get the top fin done tonight. I think the biggest challenge is going to be the scales.

Tuesday, July 10

Meet Vesuvius

This is my new Betta, two days into my adoption of him :)

I named him 'Vesuvius' after the famous volcano that forever froze and immortalized the lives of those in the ancient Roman Pompeii.

He is red, with a slight teal - purple shimmer on his body, and he is a crown-tail betta - that why his fins look 'chopped up'. It makes him absolutely gorgeous when he fans them all out!

Although he's going to be living on the other side of the living room, I thought he and Ghost should know about each other:

...and they didn't have too much interest....for awhile, then the - em - gills came out! I quickly put Ghost back where he's happier:

Monday, July 9

Round Bales Pastel Landscape Painting

Round Bales - 8x10" Pastel Painting
I got some new pastels today, so I thought I would take some of them to create a painting. I decided to create this piece using a selection of pastels from my small Unison set.

Here is my process:
Quick basic sketch to place shapes

Blocked in colour, and used alcohol to lock it in (not shown)

All done!

Round Bales is available for sale in my Etsy store, and it comes matted as do the rest of my pastel paintings:

Sunday, July 8

Shine Through Pastel Painting

'Shine Through' - Pastel painting; Available
I put the finishing 'tweaks' on my pastel painting, 'Shine Through' tonight. I'm pretty happy with how it went, and I learnt a lot along the way. 

I love detail shots, as I'm sure you've all realized, so here it is:

And for those who might be curious, here are all the pastels I used, mostly Mount Visions and NuPastels. There's two Schmincke, one Ludwig and one Richardson. This picture is after I cleaned them all up from working with them...they're not so lovely right after a painting when they're horribly dirty! 

That's right if you counted - it's over 50 different pastel colours! Some are very evident where they are, and others not so much. I literally used up about half of my collection of pastels to create this piece, and I was still 'searching' for the right colour sometimes, and not finding it. 

Pastel Landscape Progress

Another progress shot for my pastel painting...it's almost done! I did a few more tweets to it, and might have a few more when I look at it again tonight. Then, maybe, it will be done :) I just really want that background sun to glow!

Ghost is changing!

Ghost, my siamese fighting fish, has changed a lot in the short(ish) time since I've gotten him.

Before, he has a slight shimmer to him, and was pretty pale and 'angelic' looking. I have a feeling he was quite the young little fish, as now he has also all colour to his main body, a deep turqoise colour and shimmer on his tale and top fin, and a very nice red lining his bottom fins:


Swimming around so much, it's was hard to get some clear shots of him
... he is still quite the active fish too! Always coming out when it's time for food, or to greet you if you're close to his bowl. Oreo has no interest in him since getting nipped on the nose once trying to drink his water - yes, it really happened! Oreo looked a little confused and a little disgruntled over it...you know how he can get hehe.

Saturday, July 7

Pastel Landscape Process

I started a new pastel landscape last night:

And, pastel underpainting done; I know - doesn't look impressive at all hehe

I wanted to try using alcohol to "set" the under-painting pastel, and it worked like a charm:

For the underpainting, I used these NuPastels:

Now I just have to let the little drops finish drying, and press it a little to get the little wave out of it...

Friday, July 6

Early Autumn Birches Pastel Painting

Early Autumn Birches - 8x10" Pastel Painting
I got some better images of my Pastel painting from yesterday night today. Early Autumn Birches is also available for sale in my online shop, it comes matted and ready to pop into a frame!

Here are some more details:

Thursday, July 5

Birch Tree Forest Pastel Painting

I worked on this pastel painting tonight - just finished it actually! It took about 3 hours of consistent work, and once 'scrapping' incident. When I 100% don't like the painting, I take an old credit-like card, and scrap all the pastel off that I am able to, and restart. I am still always surprised with the end results. When I work, my face is 'right-up-in-there' in my work, and so when I finally step back, I am (usually) pleasantly surprised. These photos were just taken with my cell phone, so they're not super - I'll be able to take better pictures when I have some daylight.

Detail of the juicy pastel layers. Despite what some people think, you can get
very nice texture and layers with pastels
I will be posted a better picture later, probably this weekend, with a link to it in my online store for purchase. So, if you're interested in purchasing in, check back soon :)

Green Liner

I just love this lime-green eye linear that I had found awhile back. It's a little to 'eccentric' for everyday wear on the entire eye, but just lining the lower lid on a neutral eye gives a beautiful pop of colour!

Wednesday, July 4

Handmade Love: Whales

I absolutely adore whales! I'm not really sure why, I just feel so intrigued every time I see a photo of them. Maybe it's because some of them are so huge? Maybe because their antics from nature shows are completely adorable? Either way, when it comes to whales: it's love.

Narwal Sculpture - MaidofClay, Etsy
I really love Narwal's too - and those little sculptures make me smile so much. If you remember my painting - Old Norse Iceberg, it featured one of these lovelies. I also included a larger whale, a Blue Whale, in my map project for the ArtHouse Co-op. I must say, I wish I've been able to include more in my work....maybe that's something I need to work on?

Kissing Whales Tshirt - FuzzyInk, Etsy
If you're not completely sold on whales, just take a look at that tshit ^^, it's so super cute! Completely playful, and 100% adorable! So is this necklace below:

Happy Whale Necklace - laonato, Etsy
...if you haven't really ever loved whales...I don't know what to say! These mammals are so neat!