Wednesday, November 28

....It's Been a Week!

It has been a week, and the week isn't even over yet! Lots of things have been happening to keep me on my tip-toes:

My printer died. It was a slow death, and wasn't resolving so I thought I would throw the towel in and call on the extended warranty that I had purchased. The printer wasn't properly feeding paper, and when I'm printing a wedding order of 120 invites...feeding them in one by one because the printer could not figure it out was not an option I was up to taking. So, as I type, I am setting up a new printer and then will go right away to continue printing out orders.

There was been car issues, it's being quite temperamental and must go to the garage tomorrow (by tow if it does not start). I have CAA so I'm not too concerned about the tow, as I have it covered - thought ahead there! It's due to a check up anyways. As well, for being an older car (8-9 years old I do believe), I have never had really big problems with it where it has left me stranded by any means, so I have been lucky on all accounts, especially with the amount that I drive it between my job sites, and when I'm on call after hours. And, I am 'stranded' with it in my least I'm not on the side of the road :)

 I also started Computed Tomography training at a new hospital site, and that will last all this month, and possibly into January depending how things go. Tuesday was my first day, and there is so much to learn, but it is also just so cool what you can see on these scans. It's a very, very fast paced environment, sometimes dealing with critical patients - not that I haven't been dealing with critical patients in regular x-ray, it's just a different 'strain' of critical. I have been taking courses for this for a little while, so I'm at least accustomed to looking at the images and resolving typical things. But with training, it is full time hours this month. And with Christmas in the online store, that has  me busy than ever (which I am totally thankful for of course! I love, love painting!).

So if you do not see much of me online in this blog the next couple weeks, or if my posts are just pictures - it is because I am a very busy bunny running around :) I will try my utmost to at least share pictures of the ongoings, as there is going to be so much creative goodness happening this month in my life personally!

Monday, November 26


Sneaky peeks at something artsy I'm working on. I love these macro shots and how they can show so much beautiful detail!

Sunday, November 25

Woodland Girls Painting Progress

The Woodland Girls paintings are coming along. After getting everything sketched out the other evening, I was able to start piecing things together. There are still a few 'kinks' or ideas that I am yet to think of, and some elements which will be added, but have to wait for later.

I cut out some pretty paper for the dress and for her hair, and then used a skin-toned ink for the intial wash for the skin. A great thing about the ink, since there is gel medium under, if I make a mistake I can 'scrub' it off. I used the new irridescent Golden paint colour, in Fine Gold, for the crown, and it really makes it pop - almost looks as though I used gold-leaf in person.
 I got some nice texture in the tree bark using some of my new Princeton Catalyst wedges and blades. I must say I simply adore these products! I bought one as a 'tester' to see if I could really apply it in my work, and I have been working on a painting, and so far have only used that wedge. They are just so cool and so utterly useful! I went back online and bought a bunch more wedges, and a couple blades. I admit I like the wedges more because I'm more 'one with' my art then, you really get in there, and really get dirty.
That 'wierd' white stuff at the top of this piece below (and on the trunk of the tree in the other painting) is just glass beads in gel medium drying. Once dry, it will go clear and there will be a very cool texture.

This second painting has a very 'sunset / sunrise' colour scheme going with it, and I think I'm going to work with it. A lot of complementary colours though, I so have to be very careful that I don't make 'mud'.
After I had a cuddle session with Oreo...thats my foot on the left in pink hehe, and yes my pants are green - I'm still in my scrub pants from work. I wanted to change / shower after I was all dirty from painting.

..and let the holidays begin!

This wreath is the first of my holiday decorations this year :) It's a faux pine / greenery wreath that I used every year, and just change the decorations on it. This year I've gone for a little bit more simplicity, and a beautiful, sparkly bow.

Saturday, November 24

Inside My Sketchbook.

This week in my sketchbook I was trying to 'work out' some figures to put on the two paintings I've started below. The backgrounds to the paintings are not quite finished, but I felt that in knowing where I was going better, I could better plan the details in the backgrounds a bit more, and not focus great detail in areas that will be covered up completely. 

I was also busy this week working on comissions, going to work, and playing a good student - studying away for an online course that I'm currently taking in Computed Tomography ('cat scans'). The exam was this past Friday, and I think it went really well. It feels good to have one more thing out of the way :)


Thursday, November 22

Thursday, November 15

Woodland I and II Progress

I started working on the second piece last night - these are gifts for a pair of sisters. It's a different colour scheme, a little more dreamy as this little girl likes pinks and purples. Seeing them together though, they are really coming along nicely, and even though they will have different colours, I think they will work together if they decide to hang them close to each other.

This one is the piece I've been sharing all week. I've added a little green to the bottom portion - "meadow grass", and added a few rub-ons to start building texture and interest. 

This second piece isn't at such a stage as the one above. So far it has been collaged, had some light white stenciling, and some patches of colour added to it. As well, the forst has had it's first layer of colour. I've added bits of the chevron washi tape already, as it's quite bold and putting it in now will allow for further layers to 'tone it down'

...and right before getting some shut eye, I played some Mario Kart on the Wii. A benefit of moving in with the boy is that now I have all his video games to play, as I never had any before... *grins* I'm not a huge gaming junkie - I'm not very good at all, but every now and then it's fun to play a little, and Mario Kart is nice in that you can do a single race, and be done playing all together in under 10 minutes.

Wednesday, November 14

Woodland I Mixed Media Progress

I made some more progress on my mixed media piece last night after a long and crazy day at work, and after working on some commissions. I have some direction now, the two paintings / gifts for the girls are going to be Woodland-themed paintings.

From where I left you last, I stenciled some acrylic paint on, added some washi tape, drew some outlines / guides with a thin sharpie and added multiple transparent and opaque layers of acrylic paints and acrylic inks. I'm really trying to keep some of the original patterned paper peeking though. It was so pretty and would be a complete shame to cover up - and then what would have been the point of putting it there? You can see more of the background in person than is showing in this midnight phone picture (thus, very poor quality).

I'm almost done the background on this one, then I will add some characters - the hardest part. The other one I just collaged some papers down. I have quotes set aside for both, but I'm not 100% sure if I will be including them.

Tuesday, November 13

Painting Progress

Yesterday was a wonderfully rainy, gloomy day. So I spent all of it curled up with a coffee, or tea, painting away. I got a lot of commission paintings complete (will share later this week), and some personal paintings done.

This is the beginnings of a mixed media piece that I'm doing for one of James' nieces for Christmas. I'm not 100% sure of the direction. For this one, the little girl's favourite colours were blue and green, so I thought a nice yellow would be a perfect backdrop. This is very early stages. So far I have just applied pieces of patterned paper, and added some translucent colour over it. Still trying to think out the subject matter. This little girl loves hockey and is a little more tom-boyish. Although, she still has her girly moments - so I have to find a nice balance between the two.

Friday, November 9

Dabbling in my sketchbook some more. This is a bit more of a 'completed' piece - my sketchbook doesn't see these sorts of things too often. But then again, maybe it should?... We are going to an 80's themed party, so I had been looking up "80's fashion" all week, and came across some really funky fashions and make-up. It all just looked so much fun in the 80's! The song played in my head all day, and I thouht: so why not paint a girl? ... and it is practice for the Fabulous Faces course I'm taking. 

Some detail shots below. For her dress I wanted to go Klimt-style - it just seemed right with her raven black hair and funky eye make-up. So, I used a very beautiful yellow acrylic ink, and then layered a wash of purple watercolour over it. There was just the right level of resist between the two, giving it a lovely effect.

I started the face off with acrylic inks and inktense pencils, and then finished it off with some bright touches with Prismacolor Coloured Pencils.

I love making the cheeks on these faces so rosey - makes them seem so full of life!

Wednesday, November 7

My Creative Space

As mentioned in previous blog posts, I have been super busy with commissions :)

I offer "Family Trees" and "Family Forest" custom options, but sometimes someone just wanted a completely custom painting and I am always happy to work with them to create beautiful art.

 I love creating Family Forests, some get quite large and take a bit of planning:

If you would like a custom painting, you can contact me through my online Etsy store,

See more creative spaces, here.

A Peek Inside My Sketchbook

Sometimes I find myself doodling on random bits of paper...

...sometimes, if I really like them, I'll glue them into my sketchbook. This one I added colour afterwords with some Prismacolor Coloured Pencils.

I just love how rosey her cheeks turned out, and how well it suited her! I added the text afterwards to fill up some of the page, it just seemed so empty without it.

I must say, the 'Fabulous Faces' course that I am taking is really paying off! Her eyes are a little off in this sketch, but it was just a random one that I did in a couple minutes on a piece of scrap paper with improper lines and scribbles. I never intended to glue it and colour it in, but after I was done I couldn't resist! I can't wait to see what I'll be able to do when I'm all done the course!

Tuesday, November 6

Inside my Smash* Book

It's been awhile since I've posted an update on my Smash* book. I added quite a bit:

All my birthday goodness from September. 

A tab for my 26th birthday page. Made with Washi tape

Added to my page of dried flowers

...and added a 'flowers' tab.

Had a sheet of rub-ons that were the worse for wear, so just
randomly rubbed them on the back folder to add some interest.

A gift card, some "silver dollar" plant pieces I found

Top portion of a bag to my favourite bath store

That's it! If you have a Smash book to, I'd love to see - just put a link in the comments :)