Wednesday, January 16

A Lesson On Composition - Rule of Thirds

There are so many elements and layers to this painting, "Just Because Flowers". I wanted to create an interesting perspective on the usual "flowers" painting, so on top of all the contemporary elements, I placed the flowers a little askew. Despite this, it still follows loosely the rules of composition based on the canvas being divided into thirds.

Here is a diagram below describing the "Rule of Thirds" for those who may not know. It's very simple: you divide the horizontal and vertical aspects of your canvas into three, and where the two lines intersect are where "areas of  high interest" should be placed, or along any of those lines. These are areas that the eyes are naturally drawn to, and are a more natural division of 'artistic space', rather than keeping everything 100% symmetrical. For example, if you would do a landscape, the sky would be 1/3 or 2/3rds of the piece, not 1/2 of the painting.

In my painting, "Just Because Flowers", the blossoms of my flowers float around the top left point, and the shadow of the vase (loosely indicating to the viewer a table) sits on the bottom line. 

This rule doesn't always apply, and doesn't always work, and it is just one of many. But as just a quick 'art lesson' I thought I would share it with all of you! Especially since it is so easy to apply. If you have never really used it, maybe take a look at your artwork - you may have been doing this naturally all along anyways!

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