Tuesday, January 1

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone got to bring in the New Year in their own special and happy ways. We hosted a gathering of friends at our house (many have not yet been to it), and ended up having a 'Just Dance 4' competition...the boys turned out to be the best at it too! Although, I'm not sure if I'm supposed to disclose that ;) hehe.

The beginning of the new year, also means the start of a series of art classes, LifeBook, starting. These are pictures of my work from the first 'warm-up' lesson. Creating this little fairy was so much fun, and it was nice to start with something simple, easy and very self-gratifying. 

Even Oreo, my cat, crept into the work. 

Well, holidays are over and back to everyday life. I'll be sad to take down all the twinkling lights, but also glad to get back to my daily routines. A couple shifts of work this week, and mailing out some orders as well. I'm hoping this week will bring some very anticipated good news as well...we will see and keep out fingers crossed. :)

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  1. How cute -- Oreo peaking out from behind your skirt! Happy New Year!


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