Sunday, January 20

January Thunderstorms?

Before shovelling
Last night, there was a thunder and lightening storm - in Canada, in January. Bizarre? Most definitely! I happened at 130-200 am last night, and was it ever loud! It completely scared the cat! It wasn't one of those pathetic little thunderstorms, it was house-shaking-loud with super bright lightening. James and I both love storms, so we of course proceeded to pause the movie we were watching, and set ourselves up in front of our windows to watch.

After shovelling...
In the morning, without doubt, we had a pile a snow. It has been a pretty mild winter, with not much snow, and it not lasting long. So it was a beautiful treat...when I rolled out of bed this afternoon...I'm not lazy, I'm starting night shift tonight (11pm-7am shift), so I stayed up really late last night (and got to enjoy a 'freak' thunderstorm), to force myself to sleep late today, so that I can make it through my night and not fall asleep. Sort of like flipping my sleep cycle, which doesn't biologically make sense, since it's based generally on melatonin and light...but caffeine - and lots of it will help me 'adjust' to the shift in sleep pattern. It will be my first night shift ever at this specific hospital, and so I have 5 "training" shifts - I work with someone else (usually you're all by yourself); so at least I will have company.

The sun is trying to peak through
It made me thankful that I didn't have to go to work this morning - James wasn't so fortunate, and got called early this morning to go in. The roads were horrible, and being a Paramedic, he has to drive on them all day. But that left me with 'shovel' duty. And was it ever a workout! It wasn't too cold outside, so that was refreshing, but there was slush under the snow from the mild day before, and that just made it a pain. Nonetheless, an hour later everything is clear and I do not need to exercise today.

It's still snowing, and I hope it doesn't pile up too much before I have to leave tonight again. But, I must admit though, all the snow on the trees is just so pretty!

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  1. Freaky weather! Good luck adjusting to the night shift schedule.


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