Monday, January 14

Just Because Flowers

"Just Because Flowers" - 12x12" Mixed Media Collaged Painting
with textural and dimensional elements on gallery canvas.
I have been wanting to share this piece for awhile, but every time I looked at it to start taking pictures, I wanted to do more to it. Now I am 100% happy with it, and for that, I'm ecstatic to finally get to share it with everyone! 

"Just Because Flowers" is a very colourful, predominantly blue and yellow painting with so, so much texture and dimensional elements! Just look at all the detail shots before, and you'll see the painting literally pops off of the canvas! It is originally based on some photos that I took of a bouquet of flowers that James got me one day, "just because."  It is currently available for sale on Etsy in my online shop:, or you can email me.

The materials used for this piece is a long list, and I will try my best to remember them all: patterned paper, brads, washi tape, PanPastels, acrylic paint (Golden and Liquitex), clear medium, metal embellishment, modelling paste, stencils, stamps and ink, pleated papers, FC Pitt big brush artist pens, hole punch, tissue ruffle paper, sharpie markers, sewing pattern paper, rub-ons, word stickers.


  1. It's a beautiful piece! How many hours does it take you to do a mixed-media work like this? I ask because I'm painfully slow at everything creative, no matter the medium.

  2. Thanks so much!! :) It depends on the piece, and what I do. Because this had modelling pastes, and tons of gel medium, there was SO much drying time. But start to finish, working on it here and there (and a crazy amount of Christmas commissions inbetween and shifts at the hospital)about a month. If there was no drying time, and worked on it consistently prob 2-4 days, 20-30 hours. Just a lot of layering, and sitting quizzically at it trying to figure out the next step. I still am not much of a planner for a lot of my art pieces - which burns me sometimes, and sometimes works magically LOL :) My plan for this one: make a vase with flowers. How to do it...we'll see as we go along LOL


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