Saturday, January 19

Just Paint

Cat on Patterned Rug - Acrylic on canvas; in progess, 16x20"
It has been awhile since I've sat down and worked on a painting - using only paint. I have lately been caught up with mixed media and using mediums, and adding textures - and more (and 100% loving it). But sometimes, a girl just needs to go old-school and just paint and paint away the way she did before she was introduced to everything else! Think of it as going back to my artist roots. I was missing just using acrylics, so I knew I had to sit down and reestablish my relationship with them.
 I've been playing with a couple ideas for paintings lately, and finally settled on two. The cat, who is - yes - based on Oreo, is a more illustrated / pop-art approach I suppose you can say. It will not be very realistic, especially with it's lavender / blue underpainting. The oil painting will be a landscape inspired by all the beautiful work that The Group of Seven has completed. These paintings have taken a little more planning that my mixed media pieces (a thumbnail sketch, and some compositional changes as well as looking through my photos for some reference imagery). I choose oil for this landscape as The Group of Seven traditionally worked in oils, and I feel I will accomplish achieving the effect I desire by utilizing the same methods.

View from cottage - Oil on canvas; in progress, 16x20"
I don't paint in oils often as I'm not a fan of cleaning the oil paint from my brushes (clean in a solvent of a sort, and then soap and water, and then you cannot really use that specific brush until it's completely's just tedious hehe). Although I do enjoy and appreciate the longer working time of oil and how they do not dry out as quickly, I also do not having to wait a week at times for the next layers. Despite all this, I do still enjoy and desire painting with them when a perfect idea forms. Working with them feels so...classical and traditional, we will say. And I am loving it. They glide on so smoothly and are like butter.

Acrylics are beautiful, as are watercolours, but oils are gorgeous on their own. Those who have worked in all three mediums will agree that each one just has a certain quality and a certain charm that ignites excitement when you pull them out again after a long time. I cannot even remember the last time that I have painted with oils! I also have only a few tubes, so the limited colour palette definitely tests my colour mixing skills.

Please note that the names of these paintings are not set in stone. They do seem 'lame', but the paintings have not evolved yet so much that I can come up with a better name. There is still so many layers on each that have to be laid down, that the mood, emotion and overall feeling is not quite there yet.

And for those wondering, why start 2?...My oil painting has reached a stage now where it needs to dry before I can continue with my painting-game-plan. Thus, the acrylic is one that I can work on during these drying "phases"

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