Sunday, January 6

Mixed Media Shadow Box Progress

As some may remember from earlier posts, I receive a monthly subscription to a "Mixed Media Kit" from ScarletLime every month (you can also buy them monthly, subscriptions are just discounted a little bit). There is usually a project posted from the creator, Christy Tomlinson, based on the materials provided. I have been creating my own though, using the kits as an opportunity to be challenged with creative tools that I may not normally purchase, or even dream of using in my art. This month was particularly hard - I received a shadow box from Tim Holtz in the kit, along with some pretty papers, stickers / embellishments and random nicknack's. 

I was excited to receive it, 100%. I had no idea what to do with it though...

So I started just collaging pretty paper goodness into all the little boxes.

And slowly it grew into an idea that I could create and materialize. 

It is still very far from being complete, but I thought I would share with you my progress. 

And there is where my progress stands as of today. I am liking where it's going. I'm also very consciously making sure that whatever I create with the box, I am still able to move the little boxes within the shadow box around. This means - this art will be ever changing art! Whoever ends up with it in the end will be able to move the little boxes, with the contents of them, around in the larger box for endless configurations! (not sure if I'm keeping it, gifting it or selling it).  

Being able to call this "interactive art" makes me crazy excited! I have a lot of the little tibbits that will be going within the little boxes created already, and they just need placement. But that will be for another day. Today the snow is falling in beautiful chunks, and I am snuggled up with Photoshop and my coffee.

Ps. ScarletLime still has this kits available, here, if you are interested in creating your own shadow box. And she has the January kit posted, here - can't wait to get that one too! But it will be about another month... *sigh*

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  1. I was searching for shadow boxes on the net and came across your blog. What a wonderful cheerful site you have. I love your style and your shadow box. I'm a follwer now too. Thank you for showing this and for the links too.


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