Wednesday, January 30

Peek Inside My Sketchbook (and life right now)

Sketchbook page: aquamarkers, stamp/ink , sharpie pen, peerless watercolour, pencil
Started this page with the butterfly stamps, then made the chevron
pattern on the left (LOVE that pattern)
I was M.I.A. from my blog last week, as I was working a string of nights (11pm to 7am). I had articles planned for the beginning and those were posted, but with the shift change, and the weather and just tons of other things needing doing I had to put it to the side. I consumed massive amounts of coffee, and those shifts went well. I did not mind them at all. But I have quickly bounced back from night shifts back to days- I had to take an IV Certification course the day after my last run, and then a day shift at the I sort of had to. And, I finally have some days off now. Today and tomorrow are what I'm dubbing my "midweek-weekend".
Sketchbook Page: saffron ink / stamp, pencil, Peerless watercolour
black sharpie ink.
I started this page with the stamps, and then drew around
 I am going to dabble on my laptop for a little while, and then do a massive house clean (I'm not much for cleaning on the same days that I'm working - so our place doesn't really get dirty, but just odd things and books left around). And then pack orders, and then work in my studio for the rest of the day! I got my new monthly kit from ScarletLime, and have been playing around with the materials trying to come up with a game plan. I have also been looking at Alisa Burke's larger than life course (I have always enjoyed painting huge pieces!), and some of the courses being offered by Christy Tomlinson, especially the last one with Junelle Jacobson. It talks in the description about painting spring-related items, and calves! I grew up on s dairy farm, and the calves were always so adorably cute - especially if they were twins!

These are my neighbours cattle from a couple years ago. I tried looking
for photos of our Dairy calves, but they must be before I owned a digital
camera, so they're hiding in a photo album somewhere.
I realize that I am already taking a course, Life Book, and some smaller self-study ones. But I also feel that this year I have the freedom to do this. I am a lot more secure and settled, in all ways, then I was even a year ago. And, I really feel the need to explore art this year. To just dive in and try different things, but different artists. I have found that I am already taking little bits here and there and applying them to my own personal work. As you can tell from my sketchbook pages, I'm starting to draw a lot of faces, trying to stylize them a bit...and it's easy. Something that I struggled with before, but have since taken those classes and learnt the little secrets, have embraced!

Lastly, I will leave you with a song that has been stuck in my head all week!


  1. you can definitely see how you are maturing into your style by incorporating things from others that work for you. LOVE the mix of pencil drawings with ink/paint. awesome pages!

  2. Great work. The Life Book course seems to have inspired a creative surge.


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