Wednesday, January 23

Sketchbook Project 2013 Submission

I mailed out my Sketchbook Project last week, it was sad to say goodbye. Creating this project has taught me to many techniques, and was a creative challenge as a whole. 

As you can see the pages are a little thick - that is because they are made out of plaster! I completely rebound my book with an accordion fold, and recreated the pages using paster. The only 'original' sketchbook components are the front and back covers.

My sketchbook is titled, "Chronicle of a Smile", and so I appropriately placed it in the "Chronicles" category. It is an odd book, modern I suppose. And I'm hoping that the viewer will leave with curious thoughts. 

I used monprinting techniques to create the backgrounds, and then used image-transfer techniques to apply various imagery. Some pages have items embedded, while others have amazing textures from the gel-medium. Lastly, various words were applied to each page. And here they are, in the order that they appear:

As you can see, the monoprinting for the backgrounds give beautiful layers of colours. Here are some detail images of the gorgeous texture that the pictures just cannot capture from far:

There are obviously fewer pages in this 'sketchbook' of mine, than the original book. But being plaster pages I needed to keep it under their 1" thickness requirement. Despite that, it still took ages to complete. 


  1. LOVE the bright colours and birdies!

  2. Beautiful sketchbook! Letting it go must be gut-wrenching after all that beautiful work.


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