Saturday, January 5

Slummy Saturdays

December has been a slur of craziness - good, and not-so-good busy. And today is the first day that nothing really has to be done (except for the gas guy who is going to drop by sometime to fix our fireplace). The apartment does need a normal Saturday cleaning / straightening up, but the boy is sleeping through the day as he has a night shift tonight (he's a paramedic and has to be all rested up if he's going to save lives! :)

So I'm restricted to doing not a whole lot. I will be printing orders tonight after he's printer is quite noisy in our house and it would completely wake him up. So I'm going to share some New Years Eve pictures! We hosted at our house this year, and it was a lot of fun!

"Lets all pose like Home Alone!"

And, some Just Dance 4 goodness: We actually almost "Just Danced" right through the count down!

Dancing to "Rock Lobster".... looks compromising, but those who have played this game, and especially the "Rock Lobster" song: they will know that this is just a whole lot of goofy-ness! :D

We even got the boys into it!
 xo. I hope everyone else is enjoying a chill Saturday afternoon as well :)

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