Thursday, January 3

Soaring Above Sunflowers

"Soaring Above Sunflowers" - Mixed Media on Watercolour paper, 9x12"
I must say I'm loving the LifeBook course, and this is only the first "official" lesson (the first was a fun 'warm-up', but still a lesson nonetheless). 

The exercises are just so much fun, and different from what I normally do. Sometimes it's nice to stretch the creative wings and dive into something a complete 360. Getting out of the comfort zone is nice sometimes :)

I'm hoping that I can stay "caught up" - there are three lessons this month, with three bonus ones! February is a little slower with 3 lessons. There are a few artist's in the line up that I'm really excited for. One of them is this month, another next...and then I have to wait almost half a year for the other one. Good thing there are so many other amazing artists!

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  1. You're off to a flying start! Love the Soaring Above Sunflowers piece!


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