Saturday, January 12

Tattooed Paper Doll

Here is another completed lesson from LifeBook 2013. Obviously, I cannot disclose much about the lesson - it wouldn't be fair to the hard working artist's who put this wonderful experience together. But I can talk a little bit about my piece. I found this really nifty paper - in a "grunge" paper pad, that I have been able to use until this project - so super happy about that! Anyways, this paper makes her arms look like they're completely tattooed, and it felt right (even though I don't have a single tattoo on my body - don't worry mom, not even thinking about it! hehe). It just seemed appropriate for this piece. Even her heart is made of this paper, although not quite as noticeable since it is so small.

Tattooed Paper Doll - 9x12" mixed media, with
movable aspects.
I made a paper doll with moveable arms - the rest of her is affixed to the support. The movable arms make her a completely interactive piece of art...hmm, maybe this is a trend I'm working towards? Second time this week I mention "interactive art". 


Anyways, her arms can be repositioned how the viewer pleases. You can see above, her arms are in two different positions.

The stars, and some accents were painted with Golden's gold paint. And they really come off the page beautifully! There are mostly stamped and collaged elements. I didn't do much painting, except to colour the background.

I added colour to her face with FC PITT big brush pens - love using these! I won't lie, this piece of art is weird to me. Don't get me wrong - I am completely and utterly in love with it. It turned out way better than I had imagined...but it is a far stretch from my usual. Which is okay. This is why I am taking this course, stretch my abilities :) xo.

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