Tuesday, January 15

Teal Tree Acrylic Painting

"Teal Tree" - 24 x 36" textural acrylic painting on canvas
 I have been working on this painting, "Teal Tree" on and off for the past couple months. It's all acrylic, and acrylic mediums. There are glass bead, gel and gold mica flake mediums used here. I will say first off - the colours are so much more vivid in person, and the layers so much more delicate. I find when I take pictures of really large paintings, I loose a lot of that in the resulting photo.

For the majority of the painting, I used Princeton Catalyst Wedges, of various types. I loved working with these tools, and felt a greater connection to this piece working so closely to it with these tools. They left beautiful textual marks throughout the piece. You can see in the detail shots below. This painting is for sale in my online shop, www.jellybeans.etsy.com.

And here is the progress of this lovely piece:

I must say, I really liked it at it's first stage. It was very simple, that's why I continued...but maybe I'll do another tree, and try to stop there. It's based on the tree on my front yard, so it's not like that's going anywhere anytime soon heheh.

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