Tuesday, January 22

Wildflower Hearts : Week 3 Life Book 2013

My Week 3 piece of art from the online Life Book class that I am taking. This class was taught by Christy Tomlinson, and I was so excited for this one and have totally impressed! (And I got notification that this month's mixed media kit has shipped this week too! Cannot wait to get that!!) I learned a very innovative technique that I think I will be applying in a lot of work down the road. I had a little bit of trouble trying ot decide what direction to take at first this week. I completed the first step, and then let it sit for most of the week while working on other projects. 

I really liked how I have so much dimensional effect to it, the flowers just jump right off the page! I also found a new technique myself, just by playing around with my newer art supplies. I started applying the Letraset Aquamarkers over gesso (which I had applied over previous layers), and got beautiful translucent splashes of translucent colour.

I have really taken to this class. I cannot wait to see what this week brings! Not often do I complete art "for me". Almost all of my artwork eventually gets posted for sale, as it is with my art sales that I pay for art supplies. And, I could simply not house all my paintings - can you imagine? My house would be so cluttered with artwork, and I wouldn't be able to properly appreciate anything!  


  1. Love the way you used hearts for the center of the flowers. Great piece.

  2. Your flowers are simply enchanting! Love it so much. I hope I can make my own piece as well.


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