Friday, February 1

Darling Deer Mixed Media Painting

"Darling Deer" - 12x12" mixed media painting
I finished this painting yesterday, "Darling Deer". It is a mixed media piece with collaged and dimensional elements. I started with the idea of 'Bambi', and went from there, creating a more mature - but just as whimsical - piece. 

I created by own 'library' card above, but taking a blank library card (from the Fancy Pants Journal Cards set), and stamping / distressing / titling it myself. 

I really loved this green-blue paint, and was thrilled that it went along with the colour scheme so well that I was able to use it on the sides. 

This original painting, Darling Deer, is available for sale in my online shop. Stay tuned tomorrow for the progress images how I created this piece! :)

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