Wednesday, February 13

Inside My Sketchbook

Just a peek inside my sketchbook. The great thing about sketchbooks is that nothing in there is 'set-in-stone'. It's a place to experiment, explore and often revisit.  Sometimes I'll go back pages and doodle and sketch in areas that are white on pages that were just 'experiments' or over things I've already done...for example, the landscape I made above with some new markers provided the perfect space to draw an owl of the professor variety :)

Above is a page from one of the online courses that I'm taking, a sort of warm up / exercise to get the creative brain rolling, or to try and get yourself out of a creative rut. I enjoyed it a lot, and made it my own by adding additional doodle later on :)

And be sure to check out my contest for a free art print in my previous blog post!

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