Thursday, February 21

Life Book Week 8

This week for my Life Book online mixed media art course, Jane Davenport was teaching the lesson. I love, love her work and I have been waiting for this lesson since I had signed up - and I think in the near future I will be signing up for some of her offerings as well! She taught a beautiful lesson called "unstumpification", and I'm afraid that is all I can say. 

I used modelling paste around the head of the girl, it almost gives her a 'mane' like a lion, and nothing is braver than a lion ;)

I struggled a bit on the hands - hands have always been an issue for me, and usually I find a 'work around', but the placement of the hands in this piece drew extra attention to them - and I wanted my girl to look ready to seize the day and have her arms up in a carefree way. With so much detail to her face and body, I knew I had to pay the same amount to her hands....and this exercise is all about braveness! So, after some 'fiddling' with my drawing, I got the hands looking reasonable. The shading after definitely helped to define them a lot more too.


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