Thursday, February 28

Life Book Week 9: Be Happy

"Be Happy" - Mixed Media, 9x12"

I cannot believe that it has been nine weeks of Life Book already!! I only have two assignments that I'm not 'up to date' with, but those are just waiting for the proper inspiration to proceed. I have learnt so many new, amazing techniques already and I cannot wait to apply them to my art work (some I already have!), and to practice and make them better and work perfect for me. I very much enjoy seeing everyone else's take on certain exercises and techniques.

This week was a very fun one, and I think it turned out quite well. As always, what I "did" is a secret ;) With my very neutral background of black and white (with touch of blue edging on the end), I wanted my girl to be vibrant - I was listening to Katy why not blue hair? And, if you have not already noticed the trend - I like my paintings of girls to have rosy cheeks. I think it makes them look 'vibrant in life' - flushed from having so much fun...and I've always had rosy, rosy cheeks - so I like translating that into my artwork. It links it to myself just that little bit more.

Materials used: magazine clipping, stamps, black ink, neocolour II crayons, gesso, FC Pitt big brush pens, aquamarkers, inktense pencils, watercolour paper.


  1. Love! She's got a great face!

  2. AMAZING!!!! The eyes are so expressive!

  3. This looks great! I am struggling with this particular lesson. Everyone seems to get their color to look so smooth and even. Me? Not so much.

  4. Amy, it took many, many layers of colour to get it looking 'right'... went through *many* 'ugly' phases, just keep layering, and it will come around :)


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