Wednesday, February 20

Mixed Media Original: Bunny Love

"Bunny Love" - Original Mixed Media Painting on 10x12" stretched canvas.
Available for sale.
I had this sketch of a painting that I made this past week, and with a couple days off this week (after a weekend of night shifts), I used that sketch to create some dimensional art. I had most of the elements planned out, but after actually applying layers and colours things got changed around a little bit - which is okay. It's all part of the process, and with a sketch it's nice to see how my art is developed from the initial idea to the final product. 

This is the initial layer of everything below. I did collaged pattern paper and washi tape as a base, and then created my own stencil of a bunny to be able to precisely apply modelling paste to create a dimensional rabbit. This allowed me to get harder edges around the rabbit, and to not get modelling paste everywhere else. I placed the stencil I made form a drawing, and the used a palette knife to apply the modelling paste, and then lifted the stencil. Next, I used a damp brush to "smooth" things down, and fit any areas of concern (this got rid of the "granular" texture of the paste, but kept the 'uneveness' and some ridges that I like). I also used the damp brush to shape the ears more, and make eyes and a nose. I use a damp / wet brush because the modelling paste won't stick to this, and I can move the paste around without "picking any up" from the brush.   You know the brush isn't damp enough if you are picking up paste with it. I applied my first layers of paint. 

Here the paint is quite developed. I added colours, lifted colours and really just tried to build up my rabbit with layers of colour as well. I used some 3d paint to add "dots" along some of the edges. I add some journalling (a first for me, usually I don't include 'personal writing'...but the way this is incorporated, no one will know but me what it all really said in the beginning :)

I keep repeating the process of adding colours, and lifting colours. I want some of the original patterned paper to show though in the sky and in the grass regions. I work on the rabbit more, adding a heart and building up more layers of paint. I use a stamp that I made myself, specifically for this painting, to add texture. I also add some flowers. I add a layer of very watered down burnt sienna, mixed with some glazing medium to tone down the colours a little bit (and allow the rabbit to stand out more).

I stencil a white chevron print in the sky (I love chevron, and made the stencil for this painting). And continue to add details, and finally add the lettering. 

After a final coat of gel medium, and then acrylic varnish, the painting is complete! 

You can purchase this painting, "Bunny Love" at my online shop. :)

Materials: canvas, patterned paper, washi tape, modelling paste, acrylic paints, vellum stickers, coffee filters, sharpie pen, rubbing alcohol, homemade stencil, homemade stamp, homemade spray mists, lettering stickers, paper ruffles, 3d paint, word stickers, faber-castel artist pens, archival ink, rub-ons, gold paint, dress pattern paper, dollie cardstock, 

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