Tuesday, February 5

Pet Update: Vesuvius

I hadn't shared pictures of Vesuvius, my crown tail betta fish, in a long while and thought you should all have an update with him. :)

He is doing very well in his fishtank, which now has a lovely heater since the winter nights are chilly. His fins have grown out so nice and long, and he even developed some more teal shimmer on some of them. 

He loves to come up for food, and follow your finger...but once I pick up a camera he goes and tries to hide. I guess he has turned a little camera shy in the past few months. Which, in turn, makes it very difficult for me to share nice picture. I'll be all focused, and then he will dart away. 

Vesuvius will just be over 6 months old now. I will have to try and get better photos of him one day during his feeding time...maybe I can trick the camera on him :)

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  1. Amazing fish! My granddaughter would have been more intrigued that you have a "Nemo" in your tank!


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