Sunday, February 3

Seeing Red

Sometimes winter gets to you, and you start feeling 'blah', and you just need a big life change to pick things up again - a little bit of 'seasonal wildness' we will call it. Myself - I dyed my hair red yesterday, and got some bangs cut in. I've had bangs before, I tend to keep them around for a while, grow them out and then want them back in a couple years - it's just a random routine I suppose. Last year, as some may recall, I put in some chunky streaks of hot pink. 

I'm not 100% sure why I choose red. I was just browsing Pinterest, and thought, "Hey, let's do red hair"...with the theory that if it looked horrible on me, you can always dye over itI wanted a big change for my hair, and with it being winter, a little colour was what I was after. I'm not a very 'wild' person compared to some others that I know, but I do enjoy doing something a little off now and then. And, I know dying your hair isn't really a huge change for some, but I haven't done a complete hair dye in years. I only did highlights, all the brown in my hair was natural colour. And when you start dying your hair completely, it's a commitment as roots will eventually come.

The first picture is sort of deceiving  as my hair is more of a copper/orange sort of red, and not a purple red - but the white balance on my phone camera was making it very difficult to get the shade to show up the right way. This other picture of just a swatch of my hair shows it way better. 

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  1. Love the new color and bangs! I predict bangs will be very trendy since Michelle Obama sported her new bangs at the Inauguration in the US.


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