Thursday, March 7

Art Journalling: Smile

I was playing in my art journal this weekend with some of the techniques that I've learnt the past couple weeks in my Life Book course. I created the layout in my homemade art journal, which I haven't been dabbling in as much as I originally anticipated...but it is still nice to know there is lots of space for creative thoughts there in there:

There is an "insert page" in this particular spread, and I've started on the other side, but then it became a little more personal - some art journalling and such - so I'm keeping that part secret ;) I can tell you though, that the half face is on the other side as well - so of a 'yin and yang' sort of art layout.

And now for some close-ups:

For the leaves, I used cut-out pieces from gelli-monoprints that I made earlier, and collaged them in. I used some masking tap pieces to neutralize that part of the background, so the leaves wouldn't get lost, and highlighted them with panpastels, as well as outlined the edge of the tag with panpastels. 

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