Wednesday, March 27

Best and Most Beautiful Mixed Media Painting

"Best and Most Beautiful" - 11x14" mixed media painting on canvas panel.

I finished up this mixed media painting, "Best and Most Beautiful", earlier this week, but I was waiting for a lovely day to photograph it, and I was graced with that this morning :)

There is lots and lots of beautiful raised texture on this painting. The door, the leaves, some of the wording and a little "Live" plaque. 

The plaque was from Tim Holtz line, and comes in a metal shade. I altered it quite a bit with gesso and paints to get it to look more at place in this painting. It took a lot of experimentation and patience, but I finally got it exactly how I wanted it :) It now has a more 'rustic' look to it than the 'vintage / steampunk' look it had before. 

When I was sculpting the trunk of the tree, with all the little hearts already around, I could not resist putting a little heart engraved into the trunk. This is a little motive that I love doing, and it always adds more interest to the tree, not to mention a lot more character to the trunk and the entire piece in general. There are little bits of gold paint in there too, giving it a rich look here and there.

The leaves were a bit of an issue for me at first - as I didn't know how many I really wanted. So I would add a few, let them dry, colour them in and then take a look back. And then repeat, many times until I reached a point where I was happy. Sometimes if you're not sure about something - and especially when you're using a medium like modelling paste where correcting will be a little more difficult, adding a little bit and then taking a step back will make sure that you don't commit 100% to something that you are not 100% sure about yet. (I have never had to attempt to scrape off dried modelling paste, but I cannot imagine that it's easy!)

I love the little chipboard door that I integrated into the painting. At first the colouring of it stood out, a lot, but after some reworking, it mellowed out a bit more into the back ground. I wanted the tree to be the main focus, and the door just something to the side, so I didn't want it screaming out at the viewer. The little hearts in the tree I find tend to grab the eye and pull it that way at first, before looking around at everything else.

I really like how this piece came together. I won't lie, for the longest time I wasn't quite sure about it, and so I left it to the side and mulled about 'next steps'. Once I got initial layers and textures down, and could move onto creating some harmony with the colours, I got a lot more happy with the pieces and was able to put some serious emotion and thought into it :)

It is available for purchase in my online shop, here.


  1. Wow! This is such a lovely piece! Pretty colors and layers. You did a marvelous job!

    Hugs from Egypt. xx
    Roudi @

  2. So beautiful, it makes me feel I have such along way to go with my own art work

  3. A beautiful piece, I love all the different layers and textures.
    The more you look the more you see........

    Claire :}


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