Saturday, March 9

Dancing Queen Mixed Media Painting

I listed my mixed media painting, 'Dancing Queen', from earlier this week onto my online shop :) I have been playing with Instagram again - sort of left it to the side for awhile. It shows the texture wonderfully. You can follow me here.
"Dancing Girl" - Mixed Media Painting, 9x12"
I just had to get some better pictures and a scan done up to make prints later - and then photo editing - making sure colours are true to the original painting the best I can. I don't mind all the editing stuff too much, but it definitley is not as fun as actually painting the girl!

She has some lovely gold accents in the painting - her crown, and then a little bit more by the egg in the bottom. I think having some down there balances it out a little bit more. 

The heart texture has to be my favourite part of the whole painting. I just love how it grabbed the little bits of paint here and there as I painted other areas. It seems to join the elements of the egg and the dancer together too. 

The background has a lovely texture to it as well, from layering the different mediums on. I thought about putting an element, or text, in the top right corner, but after sitting and debating I felt that it would take away from the 'serenity' of the girl. Her face is so melancholy, and can be interpreted different ways, and for this particular piece - which did have some personal emotions in it - I wanted the viewer to feel what they personally felt when they looked at it. Not to direct them towards a specific emotion - which I try to do with some other pieces. 

Her hands here are probably the element I'm "most proud off" - hands are super hard for me, and getting them to look normal is a major 'win' for me. 

This piece was just a dream to create, and as I said in a previous post, demonstrates all sorts of "new-art-knowledge" that I have learnt, and that I have been able to make work for me, in my own artistic expression.

Once again, she is available to a loving home. :) Happy Saturday!


  1. She's just beautiful...I love how you've combined many techniques, yet I don't notice the techniques...just the quiet beauty of the piece. ♥

  2. Another amazing piece. Love the textured hearts.


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